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Having Cats at Home

A cat's claw is very important. This is because its sense of balance, agility and remarkable grace are due to its retractable claws. It helps your pet cat to establish footing which allows it to climb, stretch, walk and run. The claw of your pet cat is also its best defense mechanism.

However, many families who have pet cats find it very frustrating when their pets start to scratch sofas, carpets and even beds. Furniture can easily wreck as cat claws are very sharp. When a cat starts to scratch, the old outer nail sheath is pulled off. As a result, the sharp smooth claws are then exposed.

Scratching is your pet cat's way of marking a territory. If you find your cat always in the living room, don't be surprised if you also see scratches all throughout your sofas. This is why most cat owners decide to declaw their pets. The cost of declawing a cat varies. Since cat declaw is a surgical procedure and only a credible animal doctor can perform it, cost of cat declawing is usually more.

If you are thinking about doing it yourself, think twice! Declawing your pet at home can bring a lot of dangers and risks that could even result to your cat's death.

The standard procedure in declawing a cat calls for the claw of your pet to be removed. This would include getting the last bone of the toe taken out. This is a surgical operation that is performed on your cat's front feet. You can compare this by removal of human fingers at the last knuckle. Your pet will experience pain during the recovery up to the healing process.

The cost to declaw a cat ranges from $200 to $500. This would depend on the age of the cat and its weight. As with any surgical procedure, declawing a cat would require general anesthesia to prevent any risk that may occur. However, bear in mind that complications may arise from injecting anesthesia. That is why only a qualified veterinarian should perform the procedure.

If you have a male cat at home, it would be best to have it neutered. This will help to reduce the number of stray cats born once after your cat looks for a mate during their mating season. It will also help to reduce number of euthanasia practices in most animal shelters once the numbers of cats become too many to handle.

The neuter procedure is done on male cats and other male animals. The procedure requires removal of your pet's testes through surgery. Taking out your cat's testes can have a calming effect and lessens prostatic hyperplasia. The average cost to neuter your cat depends on your location and the veterinary clinic you go to. You can check out the cat neutering cost details on Veterinarians even offer discounts for those cat owners who are financially stricken.

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